Colorado Family & Consumer Sciences

Our students today are the future leaders and members of tomorrow’s families, workplaces, and communities.  Essential preparation for success includes the acquisition of leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, communication, computer, and mathematics skills.  The Colorado Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Core courses focus on providing students foundational knowledge needed to be a productive member of society, including leadership, teamwork and communication.  The FACS Occupational programs focus on career awareness, occupations available in the job market,  and preparation for specific occupational pathways.  


State Approved High School FCS Courses














Family and Consumer Sciences courses are aligned to the Colorado Department of Education Standards in math; reading, writing, and communication; science; social studies; physical education/health; and visual arts. All approved Colorado FACS courses are reimbursable through the Colorado Technical Act (CTA) and Carl Perkins funding. 


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